The internet from A-Z


Astronaut- The internet allows someone to become an astronaut. Comparable to outer space the creations of the internet enabled people to leave the old world that there used to, and enter a new one. The internet is similar to space in that things that seemed so far away are now right in front of us.  Just like an astronaut of space sees stars and planets up close, astronauts of the internet can see things in ways we never saw them before. An astronaut doesn’t have gravity pushing him down or preventing him from anything. The same is true with the astronauts of the internet it allows for them to express those things they would otherwise not. In the old world people would silence their feelings, due to their fear of being pushed down. Thanks to the new world of the internet people can live a life not being afraid to express their thoughts.

New born – When a new born comes into this world everything is so new and exciting for them.  From their first steps to their first food, everything just seems so amazing to them. The same is true with the internet. The internet gives us a second chance at being a new born. Logging into Facebook for the first time is similar to taking your first steps. The first time someone does something new on the internet it’s going to be just as exciting as everything is to a newborn.

Canvases- The internet is the world’s canvas and isn’t meant to be blank but, filled with different colors of ideas. Things like twitter and blogs allow for people to say whatever they want or feel. The purpose of a canvas is that it’s meant to be painted on regardless of the color. The internet enables people to state their opinion no matter how different it is from others. The canvas of society is intended to be a burst of different colors because it’s the difference that truly turns a canvas into a masterpiece.

Short cuts- In life everyone is looking for a shortcut and that is exactly what you get with the internet. Instead of using multiple books or encyclopedias to research something you can do it with just one click of a button. The internet allows for people to have access to an immense amount of information without having to do any work. Not only does it make life easier but, it enables society to get things done much faster.

What’s good about the internet and technology is that it allows me to get things done really fast. If it wasn’t for the internet it would take me much longer to do research or find out the definition of a word. The internet makes tasks that I do in my daily life much easier. For instance, every morning I want to know what the weather report is but, I’m too lazy to go outside and check. That being said, I can just open an app on my phone, and like magic the weather report appears. I learnt many new skills because of the internet, some which include how to upload videos, research information and create a blog. There are many important issues in society that I didn’t quite understand. Instead, of having to go the library to do arduous research, I am now able to research these things in a much faster and easier way. Thanks to the internet annoying or hard tasks can turn out to be very simple ones.

The technological advancement that is most useful to me is my cellphone. My cellphone is more than just a phone but, also a computer, camera, calculator and television in one. I have many applications on my phone that I use for entertainment. I’m able to search the web, watch YouTube videos, use Facebook, Instagram and play subway surfers all from this small invention. One of my favorite things about my cellphone is that it has WhatsApp and allows me to communicate with my friends from different states and countries. I think its extraordinary how technology is advancing, and I can’t wait to see what invention comes next.


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