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israel_14First of all I want to start off by saying that I really enjoyed this assignment. I have spent so much time this semester writing my own essays, that I never even bothered to see what anyone else had to write about. I spent my past year studying abroad in Israel and truly fell in love with the country ,for various reasons. I really like   Jen Maidenbergs blog she writes about all her experiences since moving to Israel. One of the things she wrote that I really enjoyed on her blog was “The small ways Israel sweetens me.” Maidenberg discusses how she never tasted such amazing cherry tomatoes like the ones they have in Israel. At first I found it quite interesting that out of all the amazing things there are in Israel she chose to discuss cherry tomatoes. That’s when it hit me,that the fact that she blogged about something that is so ordinary is the reason why I loved her blog! Andrew Sullivan mentions that good writers write out loud and this is definitely the case with Maidenberg. I can tell that she wasn’t forced to write about cherry tomatoes but chose to because she loves them.When I red her blog I felt like she was talking to me. The writing and content on this blog is really good however, there is no design to the blog  ,but I think that’s just because the blogging website doesn’t focus on that. Overall, I loved her blog and I really like how she said that its all the small things that can transform us into how we experience something.I was really able to relate to her.  I remember my first time eating a cherry tomato in Israel and asking my friend if she ever tasted such an amazing tomato. Its just funny to see that someone feels the same way as me. Just like cherry tomatoes her blog was small and sweet!

When I read  “Claiming the homes I don’t fit into” from daughter of another paths blog I was amazed! She discusses how she moved to Israel and converted to Judaism. Ever since I spent my last year in Israel I loved it and refer to it as my home. Reading Daughter of another paths blog I know she feels the same way that I do. She didn’t use any big fancy words in her blog but spoke from her heart. Last year was the first year I have ever been to Israel and it took me a while to call it my home since, I lived in America for the past 18 years. Reading about her experience was amazing I cant believe that she fell so in love with Israel and Judaism that she decided to convert. I felt like I was reading my own diary when she mentioned that the place she grew up living is not where her home is but Israel is her home. Although, I didn’t have as big as a transformation as she did I did find my home and where I belong. I really enjoyed her writing and content because it captured my attention and really got me thinking. Her love for Israel definitely came across in her writing ,but the way her blog was decorated with Jewish stars was definitely the icing on the cake! I enjoyed her writing so much that I decided to read everything on her blog. By reading everything she wrote on her blog I really felt like I got to know a lot about her and her love for Israel.

I really enjoyed reading both these blogs. It was interesting to read what other people had to say about something that is so near and dear to my heart. Even though, I have never met any of these bloggers I feel as though I already know them. I have never realized how enjoyable blogging can be until this assignment!


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