Reputation Transformation

If someone was asked to describe me ,I’m not really sure what type of person they would say I am however, it would bother me if I was labeled in a negative way because of a stupid action I performed. In ” The Future of Reputation” Solove discusses reputation and the internet. He mentioned the “dog poop girl”and the “star wars kid”. Both of these are young individuals who behaved with actions that seem weird or out of the norm ,and thanks to the internet they’re both made infamously popular on the world wide net. Yes, these two individuals might have done rude or silly actions but at what cost should their reputations have to pay for it? Due to the internet their lives will never be the same. While the internet can harm one’s reputation it might also help it. For example Justin Bieber and the duet known as Karmen became famous because of the internet. However, this is definitely not the case for all. Rebecca Black is a great example of how the internet can harm someones reputation.Black posted a song on you tube called “Friday” which now has around 60 million views.Although, now her song might be a catchy tune ,that was not the case at first. She was a young teenager when she posted this video and ended up being harassed and bullied through the internet. She will always be known for “Friday” her infamous hit single and her reputation is forever changed. This is exactly what solove is referring to when he mentions the internet and reputation. He even mentioned that most people who blog and connect on the internet are teenagers and something they post as a teenager might effect them for the rest of their lives.It’s no secret that the internet is an amazing invention however, Solove believes it can harm someones reputation and label them as something negative for the rest of there lives and, the above examples only seem to confirm his wars


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