The Effects of Celebrity Role Models on Kids and Teens

In “the effects of celebrity role models on kids and teens” by Eliza Martinez she discusses the positive and negative effects that celebrities can have on a teenagers life. She discusses how many teenagers will look up to celebrities as role models and therefore, try to mirror them.For instance, she mentions that if a celebrity has angelic traits such as giving to charities than this can have an amazing effect on an adolescent ,who role models them.However, there are also many celebrities who have traits that are not so angelic. For instance, if a teenager were to idolize someone like Lindsay Lohan its obvious that this obsession with the celebrity might lead to negative traits. media plays a big role in this whole celebrity obsession. It’s almost impossible to go on to the internet now in days and not have something pop up about the most talked about celebrity of the week. Children tend to spend a lot of time watching television or on the internet. These are good places for them to get swallowed up in the world of celebrity media. I understand the effects that celebrities and media have on today’s society and how hard it is to escape. I myself was once a victim of celebrity obsession. Lucky I’ve  never felt the need to resemble my favorite celebrities. However, many teens today are starstruck crazed fans and I only hope that they realize that being a fan is different than idolizing a celebrity. 




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