Disgraceful Degrassi

The global dispatch posted an article about the television show Degrassi and it’s negative effects on teens. Some of the issues they have with this show is that it involves guns,porn and drinking. They don’t believe that this is an appropriate show for teen nick. I understand were there coming from. However, I don’t fully agree with them. Yes, Degrassi does display some events that aren’t so pretty. However the teen years are not exactly easy sailing. In today’s society teens are faced with many issues and rather than these issues being hidden from them I think shows like Degrassi are doing a good job conveying serious matters and how to learn from them. Anyone who watched Full House knows that at the end up every episode theirs a lesson learned.Many times the same can be said for Degrassi. This show is all about the pretties and uglies of being a teen.And to comment on the whole having this show on Teen Nick is a disgrace thing. I highly disagree the channel is after all called TEEN Nick.




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