Men+ Steroids= sexy?

Vanessa Bennington went around interviewing men about their bodies and steroid use. When most people think of body issues they don’t exactly jump to men. Usually people think of women who are struggling with eating disorders. However, Bennington learned from these men that many of them feel insecure about their bodies. This insecurity starts around the age of puberty. Yong men are suffering from anxiety and try to impress the opposite sex. There way of doing this is by bulking up and working out.However, men just like women have insecurities and therefore, may use steroids. A major reason for these insecurities is the media. The media likes to display images of really skinny women and really meaty men. All over magazines,television and the internet you’ll see men being displayed in these ways. The media is a dangerous factor in today’s society. I think that as a girl I never really took into account that men can suffer from major body issues. Although, I can’t make the media disappear I can learn to stop myself from saying “how hot” Ryan Goslings abs look in front of a guy. Just like young women,young men have insecurities which can lead to serious health problems.



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