Pros and Cons of the media

K. Nola Mokeyane in her article discusses the positive and negative influences that the media has on teenagers.She mentions the effects that media can have toward female body issues. Many magazine advertisements tell girls how to look,dress and act ,which can be very detrimental.She also mentions that some movies portray drugs,alcohol, sexual actions and violence as normal. That being said,she fears that these television actions might turn into a reality. She even further mentions that the media can lead to culture and political awareness. I think she is spot on with this point. I can’t even count the number of random facts about culture I know just from watching television.She discusses how the media can lead to positive social skills. She thinks that media sites are a good way to make friends. Many people would agree with her on that point.However, to me all that comes to mind when I think of making friends on the internet is STRANGER DANGER.



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